Move all App Data to External SD card

Pre-Requisites: A rooted Android Device

If you are not happy with your device’s internal storage, then you must have tried these steps after rooting:

1. Uninstalled all the pre-installed apps which don’t mean a lot to you.

2. Moved some of your apps in SD using some apps like app2sd, appmgr, etc.

3. If you know a little about Link2SD, then you would have partitioned your SD card and linked everything except app data of all the user apps installed in your device.

If you want to know more about Link2SD and how to use it, then click here:

Link2SD : Increase Internal Memory

But these have certain limitations. Apps like app2sd, appmgr can only move application files to your SD card, whereas if you are using Link2SD, then you can link everything to your SD except app data. If you want to link app data, then you will have to pay 2$ and download a license file of Link2SD plus. If you will try to download Link2SD plus or cracked Link2SD from any other source, then it will not work in your device as it will fail to verify your license.

App data uses a lot of memory. Facebook official app have atleast 40 MB of app data in it and games have much more. So, the question remains the same ! ! How to link/move app data to SD card. You can use one of these two steps for it:

1. Buy Link2SD plus license after paying 2$ to Google(which you don’t want to).


2. Follow these steps:

Go to this link for installing and using Link2SD.

Link2SD : Increase Internal Memory

Now, download “Lucky Patcher”. It will convert your Link2SD into Link2SD plus. Follow these steps:

1. Download the apk file of Lucky Patcher from Lucky Patcher.

2. Install the application and open it.

3. On opening, it will show all the apps which is in your device. Scroll down and stop when you see Link2SD. It will say that Custom patch available for Link2SD. Click on it.

4. Click on “Open Menu of Patches” and then click on “Custom Patch”. After sometimes, your Link2SD will be converted to Link2SD Plus. Now, you can link all of your app data to external SD card. Each and every file of every app will be linked to SD card allowing you to install unlimited games and apps in your device.


Increase internal memory in Rooted Android Phones

Android is one of the most used and popular operating system for the mobile.Day by day several new apps are getting available for the android devices, but your limited internal memory restricts it to the certain limit. Old Android phones have internal memory around 200 to 300 MB (Mega Bytes) unlike the latest one which have in few GB (Giga Bytes). Due to this limited memory, you cannot install more apps. This problem can be overcome by increasing internal memory of your mobile.

This is absolutely true that no way to increase internal storage size of your phones, but you can allocate some part of your memory card for your phone to install applications.

This method will help you to link some part of your external SD card storage(whatever amount you want, no restrictions) to the internal storage of your phone. Apps and Games will be linked to that external SD card storage helping you to protect your internal storage from being used.

Believe me, I use Moto E which comes with 4 GB internal storage with 2.2 GB internal storage. I have 32 GB external SD card and I have linked 20 GB of it to my internal storage.

Now, I have 242 apps n games installed and still have 1.6 GB internal storage free. Only 0.6 GB is being used which contains app data. App data can also be linked to external SD but you will have to pay 2$ for it (or you can use Lucky Patcher to unlock the pro version of Link2SD).


1. Phone should be rooted. There are many methods available to root your phone.

2. You need a windows Pc and a card reader.

3. You must take a backup of your memory card on your computer as all the data will be deleted during this process.

4. Download and install Partition Tool to your computer. The link is

5. Downloaded Link2SD app from Google play store. You will get it easily.


1. Take backup of your memory card on your computer.

2. Remove your SD card from your Mobile and insert it in your computer using card reader for making partition. Never use USB cable for this.

Mini Partition Tool

3. Download and install Partition Tool. Run this partition tool and select MiniTool Partition Wizard.

4. You will see the different drives and disks of your pc. Identify your memory card, right click on it and select delete. It will delete the entire contents of your memory card.

5. Now, you will see your memory card showing unallocated space. Now, right click on your memory card and select create.

6. Select primary in it. If your card storage is more than 2 GB, then select FAT32 file system otherwise select FAT file system.

7. Enter the amount of space which you don’t want to link with internal storage. You can use this space for storing music, videos and other files. Your pc and mobile will recognize this space only as your external storage. So, choose wisely. I had 32 GB memory card(29.4 user available). I wanted to link 20 GB to my internal storage. So, I entered the remaining 9.4 GB in partition size.

8. After entering the partition size, click OK. Now, you will see the remaining space as unallocated. Right click on it and select Create. Create as primary and ext2 file system, select the remaining size. This size will be linked to the internal storage. Click OK.

You must select primary in both the partitions.

9. Now, click on the apply button on left corner menu. It will take sometimes to create partition. You will get a message showing that the partition is successful.

10. Now, copy your backup data to your memory card and take out your memory card from card reader and insert it in your phone.

11. Start your phone. Download link2sd app from Play Store. Install it and open. It will ask you to grant root permission, grant it. On opening, you will see a tab asking you to select the file system of your second partition, choose ext2. If you do not get the tab, then in Link2SD app, go to menu and click on RECREATE MOUNT SCRIPTS and select the file system of your second partition, choose ext2.

12. Now, it will ask you to reboot, select OK. If you have done 2 partition of your card and both as primary. Then, it will link the ext2 partition to your internal storage.

13. After reboot, open Link2SD app. You will see a funnel type icon, click on it and choose internal. It will show the apps which are stored in internal memory of your phone. Click on the option key and select “multi-select”, press select all option. All the apps will be selected.

14. Then click on option key, choose option and select “create link” and select all options.

15. If you will pay 2$ for Link2SD plus app, then you will have the option of linking app data. Otherwise, choose the first three options.

16. Link2SD will link all these apps to the secondary partition of your SD card and your internal storage will be increased. That is it.

Note: You can use Link2SD app to uninstall pre-installed apps, move apps to SD card. You should select AUTO LINK option in settings, it will automatically link new apps to SD card. You can select INSTALL LOCATION.